This is third day that I stay in NZ. The weather is very good.  Peko took us to had a nice trip for Rotororua(It is a famous place that Moli culture).
This morning, ellala mami and ellala leave for Christchurch by domestic flight and said goodbye to Peko. We leave for Christchurch and continue the trip in S. island.
We visited art center and holiday market. They sell that hand made product.But we didn't buy anything. There are many beautiful gardens in CHC. The weather is very cold. We took food and sit outside for a picnic. In the afternoon, we decide to Starbucks to have a coffee and take a rest.
We are leaving for the station and take a tram for city tour.Later, we will go to supermarket and buy fresh food. We will prepare the dinner by ourselves.
ellala will try to post the photos if it is available.

See you... 

ellala @CHC 10082006



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